A freediving fisher doesn't like to win easy. He chose a difficult form of fishing. He has only one shot available and no advantage, challenging a prey in its natural environment.
Because of our fair and respectful nature, we have set guidelines that we want to respect in order to achieve our goals in a transparent way.


1) Everyone can be part of the PESCASUB PLASTIC FREE organization, especially those who want to take initiatives that help achieve the goals. You just need to give your contribution without obligations.

2) Anyone can use the name and logos of PESCASUB PLASTIC FREE to organize initiatives that comply with these guidelines.

3) The official PESCASUB PLASTIC FREE poster is free to use. You'll note in the DOWNLOAD page that a specific space has been created to insert the name or logo of the person organizing the event. We hope that the contribution of PESCASUB PLASTIC FREE will serve to add credibility and support necessary for constant development.

4) We do not accept Sponsors or advertising logos within our context, it being understood that any Brand, company or association, can organize indipendently, also using the image and tools of PESCASUB PLASTIC FREE.

5) The administration of the initiative is managed by some founding members who, in compliance with the guidelines, will not publish their names, but will be responsible for the management and development of PESCASUB PLASTIC FREE.

6) All collected data, initiatives, photos and videos will be published on the official EVENTS page, to show the results to all. They will also be made available for scientific purposes. We hope that the collaboration of the freediving fishers will be appreciated at the round tables.

7) We want to bring to light the enormous difficulties faced by the inhabitants of the marine environment, such as the pollution of the seabed where among the first causes we find precisely the nano-plastics, caused by the degradation of plastic materials. These microscopical particles are invisible to the human eye. They are inhaled and swallowed by the fish, causing devastating effects on their reproduction and health. By eating these fish, we eat the same plastic.

8) We want to promote all useful initiatives, also in collaboration with non-underwater organizations, sensitive to the problem, such as local administrations, schools, environmental associations.

9) We ask all freediving fishers to spend more time and more attention on collecting plastics in the water - trying to publish and share their "plastic catches" precisely to raise awareness of the whole category of fishers and all citizens.

10) We want to let the public know what is the true nature of the Freediving Fisher: not only a person who occasionally, with difficulty and limited means, manages to capture a selected prey, which he will then eat with greater satisfaction than those he bought instead. The Freediving fisher is also a lover of the sea and of it's state of health, practicing a form of sustainable fishing - with minimal impact - of scarce withdrawal - of potential control of the seabed. People ready to sacrifice themselves for the common good. Who better than a freediving Fisher who flies on the seabed, can become an attentive guardian of the sea?